Our Vision and Mission

However, the benefits of using Hungree go beyond feeding a stomach in need. By using Hungree, you are positively contributing to reducing: the effects of carbon (CO2) emissions, billions of tons of food waste sent to our ever-growing landfills, high costs of food due to appalling inefficiencies of our food consumption practices around the world (waste of up to 50% in a lot of areas), financial loss — with disposed foods incurring purchase costs, storage costs, labor costs, preparation effort and time… the list goes on and on… — constantly observed by school cafeteria and food courts, culinary and hospitality educational programs, shopping mall food courts, small restaurants, franchise restaurants, cruise ships, airplane meal services, festivals, weddings, parties, small and large events, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, …that list goes on and on, as well. We think we all see the picture here. By subscribing to this digital platform, you agree with the understanding that food waste is a growing problem and you agree to do your part in fixing it -- list excess food that is SAFE for consumption and provide a means for another human to access these foods easily.

The Hungree platform properly tracks and documents these donation transactions across the world, and offers food banks and crisis/disaster relief efforts the opportunity to reach out to a community filled with individuals on the application in the hungree mode. It presents a solution for spontaneous and dynamic distribution of not just food meals, but any item in a simple marketplace format.

Now, close your eyes–(we’re checking)–and imagine you had an app that could …

  1. Happily keep a record of all your food donations with digital evidence of its occurrence, head count, pictures, etc. (counts whether you’re an individual, small restaurant, large franchise restaurant, hotel, all-inclusive resort, school cafeteria and food court, culinary and hospitality educational programs …. Insert gasp for air here… shopping mall food court, cruise ships, airplane meal services, festivals, weddings, parties, small and large events… we really waste a lot of food — not anymore)
  2. Unite your efforts with a community determined to play a meaningful role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food waste (which we found out food waste is third in emissions to China and the US as a country)
  3. Neatly connect you, in real-time, with the exact count of people matching the number of servings available. Sadly no large groups waiting in line for free pizza in front of your home (we know you love when that happens on a Tuesday). If you offer 4 servings, only the first 4 accepted requests will receive your designated pick up location. Then poof… listing disappears. Smart eh!? We call it Hungree magic.
  4. Give local (and federal) government entities the ability to effectively feed their constituents with funds that pass through participating small business (or any business), thereby guaranteeing those meal credits are not traded for the “wrong things.” Interested parties looking for this win-win headline should please contact govpartnerships@iamhungree.com
  5. Restrict your food item listings to a smaller group of people in a “village network” of your choosing (e.g., a campus cafeteria/food court listing its excess only to its student members, or your listing only to your housing community members). Hungree Verified coming soon… we’re working hard to bring this to you.
  6. Easily let you identify your donated food items as ready-to-eat or preparation/cooking required (e.g. uncooked/untouched groceries). No more texting a neighbor at 11 pm before you head out of town if they want your overzealously purchased 5 gallons of brand new milk
  7. Earn you the respect of your fellow hungrees for doing the right thing! (if you noticed we needed an extra “E” bullet point; just in case you weren’t paying attention, we got you!)

Hungree is developed to help save humanity. We're all part of the human village and today, it starts with you.

The Not So Fine Print You Are Agreeing To By Using Hungree

Hungree recognizes that, in connection with food donation, while legal and accepted, improper handling of food may lead to food poisoning or other health hazards. Therefore, by your use of the Hungree application, you agree to the following terms of service.

By use of the platform in the provider mode, you legally agree to only do so with intent to help, and you additionally agree to not commit any malicious intent which could harm the hungree. By use of the platform in the hungree mode, you legally agree to fully indemnify the inventors of the Hungree app, both individual and corporate (“inventors”), and the provider as you receive any free item(s), and agree to fully defend and hold the inventors and the provider harmless from any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury, of any kind whatsoever (from illness, including without limitation all claims for monetary loss from food poisoning), equitable relief, personal injury and or wrongful death, whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law or by administrative action of any federal, state, or local governmental body or agency, arising out of, in any way whatsoever, any acts, omissions, negligence, or willful misconduct on the part of the provider, or the inventors, its officers, owners, personnel, employees, agents, contractors, invitees, or volunteers. This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitation, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgments, awards, decrees, attorneys' fees, and related costs or expenses, and any reimbursements to the inventors and the provider for all legal fees, expenses, and costs incurred by it. The distribution of Alcoholic Beverages on the application is completely prohibited.

All users legally agree to follow the law, Hungree App’s rules, and community guidelines. If Hungree App determines that a user or its employees or agents are using the app in a dangerous manner, it will lead to revoke of use and further penalties as fully permitted by law. We intend to fully cooperate with any safety and law enforcement concerns arising from malicious use of this application. Your use of this app agrees to this Terms and Conditions including the Hold Harmless Indemnification Clause and Litigation Waiver contained therein. Each time you use our application, you agree to have read, understood, and agreed to all contents of our Terms and Conditions and other policies. All account holders acknowledge that the person using the app is authorized to bind the account holder to our Terms and Conditions and other policies.