1.4 Billion Tons of food are Wasted Every Year.

We lose over a trillion dollars yearly due to food waste — well over 1.4 billion tons — that’s the weight of over 450 million elephants (fyi earth has 450,000) — or over 10 trillion iPhones . . . chargers included.

We (you) can do better . . . litereegally (literally legally)*

Laugh all you want at our dad puns, but you know you won’t eat that extra sandwich in your fridge so save it from turning into a science experiment and donate it on Hungree!

We’re keeping track of your donations for you (wink, wink).

Stopping Food Waste How does Hungree App help stop food waste?

Easy Signup / Login

Join the community seamlessly using your email or social media accounts, making it a breeze

Effortless Meal Listing

In a handful of steps, list a meal knowing your location is only shared after you accept a meal request

Search for Meals

Browse the Hungree community marketplace for free meals, with the option to filter your preferences

Live Hungree Tracking

Real-time meal collection tracking and verification to complete the transaction right in the app

Earn Points for Donating

Both providers and hungrees gain redeemable points and free record of your donation activity

Ratings & Reviews

To help keep our community safe, share your thoughts and experiences and guide other hungrees

About Hungree

About Hungree

The largest single component of most local city landfills is food waste — billions of tons globally every year. Over a third of our world’s agricultural water and land use is linked to wasted food. We’ve seen those extra food trays thrown away at events and meetings and weddings and parties and. . . you get the point that no one needs 57 taco plates as leftovers. . . no one. That’s not counting the chips! we created Hungree App! Learn more about our Vision and Mission.

Benefits of our Vision & Mission

Over 820 million people go hungry every day. But, the advantages of using Hungree go beyond feeding a stomach in need. Imagine you had an app that – tracks your ready-to-eat or grocery donations, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from food waste, connects you (in real-time) with the exact number of people you want to serve, provide food banks/grocery stores and similar entities a means to describe their available inventory (no more fruitless, wasted trips), gives local and federal government entities the ability to effectively feed supported constituents, helps distribution of food (and other) items during natural disasters, and allows you the option to give your excess ready-to-eat meals and other items to a sub-community of your choice. Well, you do – Hungree is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Hungree?

Hungree is designed for any adult to use. No kidding. No complicated onboarding. No fees to use the basic features of the platform. Just download, create and account, and simply (1) list a meal (as the “provider”) or (2) request and collect a meal (as the “hungree”).

Do I need to register as a provider and separately as a hungree?

No you don’t, and guess what?! We have a button for that! In the application, located in your profile tab is a simple button that allows you to switch modes from provider to hungree without the need to setup two accounts. One day take a lunch. Other day give a lunch. Circle of life.

How do Hungree points and rewards work?

Hungree App rewards points for your use of the application, whether as the provider or the hungree. We are working really hard to engage various major partners to allow redemption of your points for their products and/or services. Imagine using your points for discounts off items like coffee, groceries, your next ride share, etc.

Am I safe giving or receiving food on Hungree?

There is nothing illegal about giving or receiving a free meal. In fact, the stigma and apprehension behind giving out free food is due to the risk of malicious lawsuits arising from false claims related to food safety risks. Nevertheless, people give out food and eat donated food ALL THE TIME! Which is why we stress our key pledges — always watch what you eat and be clean with what you list. To your surprise, establishments like restaurants would love to safely donate their excess and save the landfills and disposal fees. If only there was a way to digitally sign waivers on an application, entered between any provider and any hungree, and furthermore do it with detailed donation documentation 🤔 just imagine …ehh??

How can I get involved with Hungree App? I want to join the Hungree team in saving Earth!

First, thank you for your gratitude. Second, we could use your help. Please send an email to stating your clear subject and message and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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About Hungree
About Hungree
About Hungree
About Hungree
About Hungree
About Hungree
About Hungree

Download and start using the Hungree App.

*What do we mean by litereegally?

Legalese (must read in an English accent) — By use of this app, you agree to our Terms and Conditions including the Hold Harmless Indemnification Clause and Litigation Waiver contained therein. Please read our Terms and Conditions and other policies.

Plain English — By using Hungree, you waive your right to sue for the FREE food you would have otherwise NOT received, and if the generous and kind provider had just thrown it away, and Hungree App’s inventors and developers had not spent a tremendous amount of time and effort and resources making a beautiful marketplace for you to discover free meals, for which of course you were not forced to request and could choose not to eat…. hmmm. Yes, we know it seems a little longer than the legalese but it’s the same… yuuppp… It’s. The. Same. Plus, if you have any trouble sleeping, feel free to read (and practice) more of our legalese out loud or even better–in the car out loud on road trips. Remember, if we all behave, the community stays strong and humanity does better.